Nestbox maintenance works are running in Borsodi Mezőség

After Rollers leave their breeding areas, the monitoring of artificial nestboxes takes place again. First, the nestboxes that require refurbishment or replacement are checked and the staff members replace or repair them if necessary.

Unfortunately the condition of the nestboxes can decline significantly even in one breeding season, therefore the annual monitoring is necessary to grant secure breeding platforms for the occupying birds next year.

Summary of the Roller nestbox monitoring in 2019 by MME Bükk local group

Juvenile Rollers before fledging

2019 has been full of hard work in order to ensure suitable nesting sites for the returning Rollers in early spring. The work started at the very beginning of the year with the clean-up and repair of nestboxes that has been damaged in the winter. Rollers do not build their own nest but occupy cavities made by different Woodpecker species therefore we base our species conservation work on the installation of artificial nestboxes and the maintenance of the existing ones.


Old timber nestbox replaced by wood-concrete nestbox (Photo: Daróczi J. Szilárd).

Taking advantage of the mild and sunny weather at the beginning of February, we began to replace the timber roller nestboxes mounted on high voltage poles in Chișineu-Criș area (Arad County). These artificial nests were placed in the first year of the project and have annually a very good occupancy rate. Due to the record number of occupied nests from the last year we decided to place a larger number of wood-concrete nestboxes in this area.

Growing Roller population in Bükk National Park

Being long-term migrants, Rollers have already headed towards the southern parts of Africa. While some of them has already reached Sahel region, other individuals could have been still seen in the grasslands of Hungary in the past weeks. Number of Roller is growing year by year in the area of the national park directorate, mainly because of the nestboxes installed by professional staff. In this article we are going to detail the breeding results of Rollers in 2018.