New satellite information on the migration of Hungarian rollers

"Hadnagy" jeladóval (Fotó: Ampovics Zsolt).

2018.05.15.  14:44

The bird named „Hadnagy” received its tag in the summer of 2017. The tag was working until the middle of last month, but we haven’t received any signal for the past few weeks. We started to worry that the bird died at the southern Sahara, but luckily tha tag started to send data again 2 days ago. We were exceptionally happy to see that “Hadnagy” is in Turkey already, taking the same route as he did in the autumn, instead of the usual loop migration.  

Positive experiences: Surveying electric poles in the Borsodi-mezőség

Még vannak szalakóták a Borsodi mezőségen (Fotó: Jakab Sándor).

2016.09.02. 14:50

Responding to the call for the 12th national survey, we started checking the medium voltage electric lines of the Borsodi-mezőség. As a consequence of former LIFE projects and a tremendous amount of effort, all the pole tops we checked had already been insulated. Even better, in some areas, aerial power lines are substituted with ground lines.