Growing Roller population in Bükk National Park

Being long-term migrants, Rollers have already headed towards the southern parts of Africa. While some of them has already reached Sahel region, other individuals could have been still seen in the grasslands of Hungary in the past weeks. Number of Roller is growing year by year in the area of the national park directorate, mainly because of the nestboxes installed by professional staff. In this article we are going to detail the breeding results of Rollers in 2018.

New satellite information on the migration of Hungarian rollers

"Hadnagy" jeladóval (Fotó: Ampovics Zsolt).

2018.05.15.  14:44

The bird named „Hadnagy” received its tag in the summer of 2017. The tag was working until the middle of last month, but we haven’t received any signal for the past few weeks. We started to worry that the bird died at the southern Sahara, but luckily tha tag started to send data again 2 days ago. We were exceptionally happy to see that “Hadnagy” is in Turkey already, taking the same route as he did in the autumn, instead of the usual loop migration.