Project Information

Project Title:

Conservation of the European Roller (Coracias garrulus) in the Carpathian Basin (LIFE13/NAT/HU/000081)

Strengthen the European roller population of the Carpathian basin and ensure the long term conservation of the species in the area.

Main activities:

  • Create nesting sites on 17 SPA sites in Hungary and on 15 SPA sites in Romania
  • Improve habitat conditions on existing breeding and foraging sites on three characteristic project sites
  • Reduce mortality
  • Increase sustainable conservation by the „Farmers for Roller” programme
  • Demonstration of foraging habitat management techniques for stakeholders on Natura 2000 sites
  • Raise awareness of the issues around European roller conservation


Project facts:

Duration: 01/09/2014-31/03/2020

Budget:    5 046 097.00 €  (75% of this amount was co-funded by the EU Commission)


Project partners:

Coordinating beneficiary:

BirdLife Hungary (HU)

Associated beneficiaries:

„Milvus Group” Association (RO)

Environment Protection Agency of Satu Mare County(RO)

Bükk National Park Directorate (HU)

Dalerd Délalföldi Forestry Close Corporation Ltd. (HU)

Kiskunsági National Park Directorate (HU)