The installation of the ROLLER LIFE+ information boards have been completed

ROLLERLIFE projekt táblák kihelyezése (Fotó: APMSM).

2015.10.16.  14:55

The Environment Protection Agency of Satu Mare County has successfully completed the E4 actions in the framework of the Conservation of the European roller in the Carpathian Basin project in September 2015.

The aim of the E4 actions was to produce, and install 30 information boards in 15 Special Protection Areas (SPA). The intention was to draw the attention of local communities and visitors to the Natura 2000 network and the importance of roller protection.

An important flight in scientific history – The first satellite tagged Hungarian rollers are already in Africa

Az első jeladós szalakóták vonulási térképe (Fotó: Tokody Béla).

2015.09.18.  15:07

The first two satellite tagged Hungarian rollers had set off on the 7th September 2015. towards their yet unknown African wintering grounds. They flew over 4000 kilometres within a week, and their incredible journey can be followed on the internet.  

Publicity for the ROLLER LIFE+ project within the framework of the Hungarian Days in the Partium, Satu Mare

Szalakóta a Partiumi Magyar Napokon

2015.09.04.  15:58

On the 22nd August 2015, the Environment Protection Agency of Satu Mare County (APM) installed an exhibition booth on the 14th Hungarian Days in the Partium in the Kossuth Garden of Satu Mare with PR material on the LIFE13 NAT/HU/000081 project titled ‘The conservation of the European roller within the Carpathian Basin’.

Report on the roller ringing demonstrations in Hungary

Szalakóta gyűrűzés (Fotó: Koczka András).

2015.07.27.  14:30

During the first half of July, several demonstrative events took place throughout the country.

In Pest county, in the Upper Kiskunság, 44 out of the 100 nest boxes were occupied by breeding rollers. We chose six nest boxes for the demonstration of bird ringing. Some nest boxes were brimming with fledglings, whilst in others the female was still incubating eggs - it was quite a diverse day. 

Roller ringing in the Kiskunság, Hungary

Táplálékot hordó szalakóta (Fotó: Sütő Péter Pál).

2015.07.17.  11:15

We set off early in the morning from Szeged to meet up with the rest of the team near Kecskemét. After the rangers of the Kiskunság National Park Directorate have joined us there, we took off, into the puszta. The sky was overcast and there was a steady drizzle for most of the day. Few scarce rays of sunlight managed to break through but we did not mind the weather at all –  it was much better than the sizzling heat so typical of June!