The first depressing results of the powerline survey

Középfeszültségű vezetékszakaszok felmérése Szatymaz térségében (Fotó: Csibrány Balázs)

2016.08.29. 10:26

The 12th powerline survey is being organised this year by BirdLife Hungary. The main objective of this programme is to assess, and map the damage to bird populations (lethal collisions, and electrocution) caused by the pylons and power lines.

Apart from precisely mapping un-insulated pole-tops, the efficiency of previous insulation solutions, and other protective equipment can also be surveyed this way.


Roller nest cam

Az első szalakóta tojás (Forrás: Szalakóta fészekkamera)

2016.06.06. 12:56

We’we installed the very first roller nest camera of Central-Europe with the help of the team. The nest cam is located in the southern plains of Hungary, near Sándorfalva town, right next to the future Roller visitor centre. 

An important flight in scientific history –The first satellite tagged roller returned to Hungary

"Pétör" és párja (Fotó: Szűcs Péter).

2016.06.08 10:58

Roller numbers are declining significantly across Europe and the species has already become extinct in several Western European countries. With this is light, it is very important to protect the stable population of the Carpathian Basin to ensure the species’ future within the EU.